Our work continues through the organizations we created to tackle key issues head-on

We don’t shy away from tough issues.  Instead we do our due diligence.  We collaborate with local leaders.  We design proactive plans for driving change through our Civic Committee:

The Civic Committee
This organization grew from The Commercial Club and focuses on issues that impact Chicago’s standing as a global business leader. Those issues currently include state finance, education and transportation.

And its affiliate organizations:

Civic Consulting Alliance
Teams of Civic Consulting Alliance staff, business experts, and government leaders examine ways to make the City of Chicago and Cook County more livable, affordable and globally competitive.

New Schools for Chicago
This organization works full-time to improve Chicago’s public school system.  New Schools for Chicago invests in excellence, drives innovation and promotes school choice.

And our influence continues through another one-time affiliate:

Metropolis 2020, now Metropolis Strategies
This organization engages in lobbying efforts and produces analytical materials to help drive public policy changes, with the end goal of making the region more attractive for business and a better place to live.